A light for

A light for 

Here and there

And one in the sky for

In the darkness it
 shines bright

For you and me

Your candle
flickers sweetly

Oh how 
deep goes my pain

You’ve been gone for so 

But deep in my

For a lifetime

how shall this ever work out

When you shine your light

me as my candle

I am the sea

You rest in me

You are the rain

And I - I take a walk
I walk
and you are quiet

I am receptive
for your depth
understood without words

Connected in feelings

Stars and Sparks

when we are together
You are strong

if I am afraid

You're the reason for my actions
Your loss is eternal

Our Life is a Dream
All the past is reflected in me.

Why not my future?

My Name is Vincent ,

if I was a Magical Character from a Fairy Tale

I would be a boy that heard every musical note in world.

V …Vivacious, with a passion for music

I ….Idols, No Problem

N….Normal that's you

C…Charming, I can charm you all

E…Elegance, I move to the rhythm

N…Not many people can hear the sweetness of sound as I do

T….Travel and Dream without my body.



Everything you said
Everything you did
Everything you are
Everything I said
Everything I did
Everything I am
Everything we did
Everything we were